Good News !

DDClub has started with two brothers committed to establish a drift club. That idea came when I was watching formula d and a few days later I was watching the bulgarian drift championship .They ware at a totally different levels of course. This is because Bulgaria lacks drift clubs, drift events and even drift cars . So this club has been established to try to pick up the level of the drift sport in my country, as this is my favorite sport. What I hope I will be able to build drift cars and resell them at prices as low as possible, to make it affordable for the standard in my country. I hope we can gather drift enthusiasts that support us and really make it happen. Under Construction !!! Welcome to Danevi Drift Club Web page . The project "DDClub" started at the end of november 2011, buying the first s14a drift project car. Now as most car companies and dealers are accepting payments in bitcoin, digital currency users can take advantage of this opportunity to buy this car. Or if you’re new to the crypto world, you can utilize the bitcoin Gemini trading app, which is apt for beginners to purchase your crypto, and thus buy your dream car with crypto. The car is still under construction as is the web page. Pictures of it to be posted soon.